A structured, step by step Arabic language program to study at your own pace!
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Arabic to enrich the soul...
The Arabic program which you can complete on your own terms, at your own pace  and go from complete beginner to unlocking the gems of the Arabic language!
Imagine if you could...
Understand the majority of the Qur'an.
Know 1,000+ of the  most common 
Arabic words.
Read an array of Arabic's most iconic works!
Translate texts to Arabic and from Arabic.
Gain essential knowledge of
every-day Arabic .
Understand all of Arabic's most used grammar.
Lifetime access to the entire library of videos, audios, worksheets and more!
Learn on any device and at your own pace! The portal works on desktop, mobile or tablet!
Teacher support as you work your way through the entire Arabic in 60 Steps journey!
"Am I ready to take the first step?" (Prerequisites)

Officially, the only prerequisite is that you know the Arabic script. However, if you don't, we can still help you with that at the beginning of the program is you let us know. We have Arabic script resources which you can have at no extra cost. 

You don't NEED to know any Arabic grammar or vocabulary. But if you do, of course it will help in the initial 15 steps. The program covers almost everything in my entire Arabic language degree in just 60 steps. So, naturally we do cover a lot in each step so any foundation you have will help. 

But if you're a complete beginner, no problem! That's why I offer 1-1 support over Whatsapp every day! You'll always have help

What are the 60 Steps?
STEPS 1-15
Arabic essentials
  • Sentences: We cover all of the core sentences structures in Arabic.
  • Verbs: You'll be able to talk in the I, he, she, you persons.
  • ​Past, Present, Future: Use all of your verbs and sentences in all times.
  • Negative: You'll have command over saying: didn't, no, don't and won't.
  • Ask Questions: After just a few lessons, you'll ask and answer questions.
STEPS 16-25
Beyond the basics
  • Weak verbs: You'll deepen your knowledge of Arabic roots.
  • Emphasis: Students will now be able to exclaim in Arabic!
  • ​More complex expression: Reach deeper meanings and conversation.
  • Plurals: You'll expand on previous concepts into discussing 2 or more!
  • Gender: Here, students will grasp the full concept of gender in Arabic.
STEPS 26-51
Advancing to higher levels
  • Numbers: Often considered Arabic's most challenging grammar!
  • Relatives: Students will have command over "which, those and that".
  • ​"If clauses": You'll be able to express hypothetical phrases and conditions!
  • Verb forms: Here, students reach the true reach of the Arabic language.
  • Eloquence: You'll be able to express ideas more eloquently and concisely. 
STEPS 52-60
Arabic independence
  • Qur'an: Passages from both Mecca and Medina, we explore the nuances of the Qur'an's eloquence.
  • Hadith: From etiquette to kindness, we enjoy the speech of the Prophet Muhammad (saws). 
  • ​Poetry: Pre-Islamic, Middle ages and Modern! We go into some beautiful poetry!
  • Travel writings: This is my favourite! On this program, you get to see journeys through Arab eyes from the 11th-13th centuries.
  • ​Historical texts:  We delve into the first hand accounts of the conquest of Damascus by the Muslim armies. It's a breathtaking insight into the minds of our historical Muslim ancestors. 

Beautiful, printed & bound workbook sent to your door.

It takes a lot of hard work to write a book, have beautiful covers designed, have it printed and bound and to send them all over the world to our hundreds of students. 
But it makes the program that much better, so it's worth it.


My Arabic World is a library of immersive Arabic language lessons to give more context 
and a new dimension to your studies on the Arabic in 60 Steps program! 

We call these immersive lessons, 'moments' because we literally build a lesson out of a short moment of spoken Arabic on video. We take the transcript to help your reading, build a word list to increase your vocabulary, repurpose the language into fun and useful Arabic phrases and much more to bring your Arabic to life!

Until recently, students had to subscribe to My Arabic World for £7 a month or £70 a year. But after pulling some strings, I'm now able to offer lifetime access to students on the  Arabic in 60 Steps program absolutely for FREE!

What about student support?

"You'll get lot's of help. Personal and just for you." 

All Arabic students have questions and need personalised help sometimes. It should never discourage you if you need something explained in a different way or if something just doesn't click. That is absolutely fine! 

So, I have recently created a whats app account specifically for the Arabic in 60 Steps students. You can send a question any time of day and either myself or one of my team will offer the help you need as soon as we can! 
A teacher who knows how you feel...
I  had to learn Arabic from scratch as an adult too.
Now creator of the Arabic in 60 Steps Program

  • Embraced Islam,  2010
  • Studied Arabic at SOAS University of London, 2011
  • Studied for 3 months in Egypt, 2012
  • Graduated in Arabic literature, Al-Najah, Palestine, 2014
  • Graduated with BA Arabic from SOAS, 2015
  • Founded Arabic with Sam and launched Arabic in 60 steps, 2016
  • ​Launched The 'MyArabicWorld' Arabic immersion experience 2019 
So, what do I get on the course?
  • ​ANSWER SHEETS (Value £47)
  • ​ Arabic Support Whatsapp number for daily Q&A, advice and support! (Priceless!)
  • ​Lifetime Access to 'My Arabic World' (Value £252)
VALUE OVER £1,000!
NOW ONLY £197! 
What the pros are saying...

Ryan Rodrigues, CEO of Arabic Workshop

"I have had the privilege of discussing many issues with Sam regarding the learning and teaching of Arabic. We have both experienced the pains of learning and I know that Sam has a deep desire to make the learning experience great for his students. He has a great friendly and relatable style that has led him to have a huge following on his podcast and his enthusiasm is infectious".

Ismaeel Beaumont, Creator of Maysoor Arabiyyah

"Brother Sam Burr, in my humble opinion is a pioneer in the new age of teaching Arabic online. He has studied and proven himself to be an authority to teach and his content is fantastic mashaAllaah. I've had the honour to work alongside him catering for his online students and his efforts can not be described in any other way than absolutely outstanding. He has personally devised his own Arabic workbook, which I've had the pleasure in overlooking and benefitting from myself. He is truly an inspiration to myself and I'm sure many others around the world. We at Maysoor Academy fully recommended brother Sam Burr's services to the masses!".

Asher Majeed, CEO of NexGen Online Academy.

"I was fortunate enough to live with Sam while he was learning Arabic at university. Even back then he had an infectious love for it and has now dedicated his entire professional life to helping others enjoy it and master it as he has. It's only now, as an educator myself that I can fully appreciate his care for students and their success. The education strategies Sam uses are effective in making Arabic learning an enriching and rewarding experience".

Shahin-ur Rahman, Founder of Al-Rahma UK

"I have known Sam personally for a while now. Through the numerous conversations we’ve had, from classical literature to 21st Century videos, Sam’s passion to transmit Arabic to today’s learners in a fun, entertaining and ethical way cannot be overstated. As a curriculum writer myself who formally researches Education at postgraduate level, I can appreciate the depth of thought Sam puts behind all of his services, from pastoral care for students of his Arabic in 60 Steps programme to the long term vision he has for the next generation’s relationship with Arabic as a living language".

Habib Ali, Co-founder of Ihsan Arabic.

"Having known Sam for over five years now, I can confidently speak of his unwavering passion for education and his in-depth knowledge of the Arabic language. Sam's ability to instil these two qualities in his students is a rare talent. He has a carefully-considered and dynamic approach to teaching Arabic that cuts through the fluff and produces solid results. If you're a student of Arabic, you're in good hands with Sam."
Arabic confusion ends here!
IF you're not going to make a start now, then when?
Don't Just Take my Word For It...
See What Other Students Have Said!
Mohammed Wilkinson - Merseyside, UK
"Enrolling on to Sam's programme granted me motivation to another level knowing there is something new to learn everyday"
Full video testimonial continues below...
Adnan Tahir Mohammed  -  High Wycombe, UK
"I like Sam's good structural layouts so that Arabic is easier to digest and memorise. He shows common patterns in words, grammar and excellently explains Arabic rules."
Full written testimonial continues below...
Hamed - London, UK
"Enrolling on to Sam's programme granted me motivation to another level knowing there is something new to learn everyday"
Yassin bana - Utah, USA
"Arabic in 60 steps was by far the most beneficial program I have enrolled in. The concepts are easy, if you got a problem you can just ask away"
Full written testimonial continues below...
Marta Noya - Barcelona, Spain
I am finding it a great course, I can enjoy the improvements in the language after each video lesson and chapter of exercises. In my case having a very chaotic schedule in my life, this course allows me to study whenever I find time no matter what day or time of the day it is, and I can learn at my own speed. Besides, you are not really alone, if you are stuck for any reason, you can ask questions and be sure that your progress matters in the course.
Kushtrim Aliu - Finland
 "I started this course even a little skeptical and I can say that I am very amazed with the quality of the course. The teacher is very passionate and is ready to help students online".
Full written testimonial continues below...

Full testimonials
Mohammed Wilkinson - Merseyside, UK
Adnan Tahir Mohammed  - High Wycombe, UK
"I joined Arabic in 60 Steps after watching Sam's youtube videos. I liked his good structural layouts so that Arabic is easier to digest and memorise. He shows common patterns in words, grammar and excellently explains Arabic rules. If you are studying or wish to study grammar then you need a good structure. The Arabic in 60 Steps Program is a well thought out course which you can replay as many times you want in order to understand and revise the content. The videos are approximately 15 to 20 minutes long to gauge your concentration. Excellently laid out. I have subscribed. You can look at his youtube for examples of his teaching, and I would highly recommend that anyone subscribes to his course who wishes to learn Arabic. You have the tools, all you need is motivation".
Kushtrim Aliu - Finland
"I am a student here in Finland and I have been looking for a long time courses, which allows me to concentrate on my studies and the Arabic language in a balanced way. I am an Albanian born in Finland in a place where the nearest Arabic language teacher is too far to go on a daily basis. I've tried a different Arabic courses online, but nothing has been for me a suitable for home-study. I started this course even a little skeptical and I can say that I am very amazed with the quality of the course. The teacher is very passionate and is ready to help students online. Definitely would recommend anyone who wants to learn Arabic and understands English to start this course."
Yassin Bana  - Utah, USA
"Arabic in 60 steps was by far the most beneficial program I have enrolled in. The concepts are easy, if you got a problem you can just ask away. Some of the program which I been apart of was too wordy or just gave you fluff without the real meat of the lesson. That sidetracked me a lot. Made me real in consistent because it was boring to learn. But this program turned me into a more consistent Arabic learner. I always look forward what concept we are going to cover. I pray that Allah bless our Teacher Sam with the best of this dunya and the akhira. May Allah grant you the highest level of jannah. May Allah reward you tremendously".
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